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Tata Steel gains responsible sourcing accreditation


Tata Steel has become one of the largest companies to achieve the BRE standard BES 6001, and all of its construction products manufactured in the UK are now certified ‘Very Good’ under the responsible sourcing standard, including all structural steel sections - Advance?, Celsius? and ComFlor? decking.

Government funded projects in the near future will require the use of BES 6001 certified products, while main contractors, architects and engineering designers are in turn asking their supply chains to verify where their products were sourced.

Designers and developers can specify and use Tata Steel products manufactured in the UK confident in the knowledge they are fully certified to BES 6001 and can secure maximum credits under the Responsible Sourcing of Materials sections of BREEAM.

Peter Quinn, Head of Climate Change/ Environmental Policy and Strategy at Tata Steel Europe, said achieving the certification involved a complex and multifunctional effort across the company.

“Tata Steel is leading the way with responsible sourcing and takes its environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. It is not always easy to validate green credentials, but BES 6001 is an independently certified standard recognising companies that go that bit further to promote sustainability.

The standard not only assesses the sustainability of our own operations but requires us to demonstrate confidence in the responsibility of all our raw material suppliers, as far back as mineral extraction. The fact that Tata Steel already had effective processes in place to manage environment, safety, compliance assurance and responsible procurement helped us hugely in securing certification. ”

BES 6001 has been developed by BRE to enable construction product manufacturers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability both within their own operations and through the responsible sourcing of raw materials and other products from suppliers.

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